At Fontestad we’re committed to sustainability

In our current economic and cultural context, society has now developed widespread awareness in terms of caring for the environment and receiving information on the origin of the kind of food we consume. In this sense, agroecology has now become a scientific discipline, with its own set of practices in the sector, even being considered a social movement.

The science of agroecology studies how the different components of the agricultural system interact with each other. Agroecological practices seek to implement sustainable agricultural systems that optimize and stabilize production within a given sector. As a social movement, it promotes social justice, nurtures identity and culture, and reinforces economic viability in rural areas.

At Fontestad, we have been able to adapt our company policy to this new manufacturing concept, both in our production and distribution centres, as well as on our estates.

Fontestad environmental management policy

Teniendo en cuenta nuestra experiencia y nuestra importante presencia en el mercado tanto a nivel de instalaciones, como de equipo y volumen de exportación e importación, consideramos que Fontestad tiene una misión en lo que a sostenibilidad se refiere. Para conseguir ser referentes en esta área, ponemos en marcha un estricto protocolo tanto interno como externo:

  • Establishing objectives
  • Identifying risks
  • Controlling processes and auditing
  • Communicating with external parties
  • Influencing external parties. Consumption and impacts
  • Working together with our suppliers: ecodesign

Sustainability goals set by Fontestad

In our day-to-day work, we strive to improve and adapt our work processes and our company policies to the current context of society. Within our medium-to-long-term work plan, we have established the following corporate objectives:

  • Knowing current and future needs in our sector.
  • Defining and implementing environmental and agroecological values.
  • Maintaining the environmental certifications we have achieved over the years, especially ISO 14001 and our Bee Friendly scheme.

7 action plans