Fontestad is a family company


Fontestad is a renowned family business in the citrus fruit handling and distribution sector. Today, the company follows in the wake of Mr Vicente Fontestad Planells, who founded it as a legal entity on October 1st, 1984.

Fontestad is a company that has never stopped growing since our inception. We grew from being a small fruit stand in a market in the 1950s to become a company with 50,000m2 of facilities and a strong presence in Mercamadrid and Perpignan.

Our annual production is over 160 million kilos of citrus fruit, 40% of which comes from our own controlled production areas on about 900 ha (Valencian Community, Andalusia and Murcia).

Our huge selection capacity at Fontestad always allows us to achieve our main objective: guaranteeing the best quality and service to our customers at all times.

50.000 m2

of facilities

900 hectares

of fields

160 million kg

of citrus fruit/year



All our production is subject to criteria contained in the Fontestad Controlled Production program manual, supervised and certified by Agrocolor.


Fontestad has a solid export policy offering high quality products, broad knowledge of the trade, and guaranteed commercial potential to operate in any country in the world.


Fontestad participates with the organization Source Citrus Genesis for the research and development into new citrus fruit varieties.


Complementing the production process with the aim of reducing food waste, Fontestad also belongs to a company that makes juice and other derivatives: Zuvamesa.

Sociocultural environment

Fontestad is a benchmark name in the citrus fruit sector, operating out of its hub to the north of the city of Valencia, where our facilities are located.

Internally, Fontestad strives to guarantee the safety and well-being of its workers, providing employees with everything possible to create a welcoming, family environment, despite our large size.

Throughout the year, Fontestad promotes collective passenger transport to reduce the use of individual vehicles. We therefore have free buses for workers with routes from and to neighbouring municipalities.