Mandarins Clemenrubí GROUP Clementines TREE Not very hardy, slow in developing. No thorns. Leaves are thin, dark green, with multiple axillary buds. FRUIT Medium sized (80-90 gr). Thin peel, deep orange colour. Outstanding organoleptic quality. Seedless. OTHER CHARACTERISTICS Very early maturing, with harvesting possible in the first fortnight of September. Calendar: Mid-September to end October.


Mandarins Oronules GROUP Clementines TREE Hardy but slow in developing. Spherical shape with tendency for vertical growth, leaves deep green in colour. FRUIT Medium size. (approx. 70-80 grs). Fine peel. Colour: a highly appealing reddish orange when naturally matured. Shape somewhat oblate. Very high quality pulp. Almost seedless. OTHER CHARACTERISTICS Very early harvesting


Mandarins Clemenules GROUP Clementines TREE Hardy and good development. Somewhat squat with sloping branches and dense foliage. Large leaves light green in colour. FRUIT Large size (approx. 80-100 grs). Shape somewhat oblate. Peel colour: intense orange. Good quality juicy pulp, high juice content with good quality and appropriate levels of total sugar and acids. Easy…


Mandarins Clemenvilla GROUP Hybrids TREE Hardy, medium to large size, thornless and light green leaves. FRUIT Medium to large size in reddish-orange, highly attractive. Spherical somewhat oblate fruits, with no tendency to “puffing”. Ductile peel, fine and glossy. Seedless. OTHER CHARACTERISTICS This fruit keeps well on the tree unharvested, without losing any of its commercial…


Mandarins Nadorcott GROUP Hybrids TREE A very hardy variety, with a notable vertical growth trend, and thornless. This tendency must be corrected by suitable pruning and other growing practices so as to achieve a more spherical tree shape. FRUIT Originating from a mutation of the Murcott mandarin . Fruit of medium size, reddish orange in colour,…


Mandarins Orri GROUP Hybrids TREE Very hardy. Large leaves, sparse foliage. Presence of thorns on main branches. Abundant flowers. FRUIT Good sized, very firm and consistent. Highly attractive orange colour. High sugar content and well-balanced acidity levels, making a delicious tasting fruit. No “puffing”, easy to peel. Seedless.