Fontestad has implemented the best orchard monitoring systems, certified by external bodies. Our aim is to ensure quality, freshness and safety of our products at every stage of the production process.

Our workers oversee every stage of the production process, from the picking of the oranges in our orchards to their distribution. This is made possible thanks to a supplier monitoring system, which enables ongoing communication between farmers and the technicians at Fontestad who provide them with technical advice.

In addition, our installation boasts the latest technology in quality systems for the processing and handling of citrus fruit. These allow for classification according to colour, size, weight, and outer fruit quality.

“Only the very best oranges are given the Fontestad name”

Fontestad offers a large variety of brands and formats, but always the same, unbeatable quality. Our logistics installations have the capacity to distribute our products to their destination quickly and efficiently.

The quality of our products extends as far as France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.